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April 2001 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
Conference was recorded Friday, April 13, 2001.

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This conference and all future conferences will be in the .mp3 format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player and most other media devices.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this telephone news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Senator Dwight Adams


Constitution Rewrite Aim is to Boost Taxes.

Dwight Adams, former State Senator representing Covington, Coffee, Dale, and Houston Counties, recently attended a Montgomery Rally to oppose the reform of the Alabama constitution. "What this would do would allow them to increase taxes, and whenever taxes increase, then you have less freedom." 

phone: (334) 347-1555 

. .

Dr. Harold Burkhart


Rising CO2 & Global Temperatures

Harold Burkhart is Head of the Department of Forestry at Virginia Tech, but continues to do research that should be interesting to every owner of Alabama forestland. Dr. Burkhart cites several research reports, which say that in a warming world with CO2 increasing in the atmosphere, loblolly pine may grow a lot faster than it currently does. 

phone: (540) 231-6952


Donald R. Leal


Free Market Environmentalism - Revised Edition

Don Leal, with co-author Terry L. Anderson, wrote the original Free Market Environmentalism 10 years ago when the phrase was considered an oxymoron (read an essay from December 2000 PERC Reports). When a forest owner voluntarily improves wildlife habitat on his land because it will improve his hunting lease income, he is practicing free market environmentalism. To read about or purchase the book, click here.

phone: (406) 587-9591
web page: 


Dr. David N. Laband


Who's on first?
  • Union Camp, Hammermill, & Champion are International Paper.
  • Scott is Kimberly-Clark is gone.
  • Kimberly-Clark is Alliance is Bowater.
  • MacMillan-Bloedel is Weyerhaeuser.

David N Laband is Professor, Economics & Policy, at Auburn University's Forest Policy Center. He has been closely watching the consolidation of the pulp and paper industry and will attempt to explain the forces driving the consolidation. Forest owners want to know if there is any strategy they can use to meet the challenges created by a wood market with very few buyers remaining. Should we hire marketing experts, join co-ops, stop growing trees, sell our land? Are fears that we will be mistreated in a limited market where there is only one buyer justified?

Items to consider from corporate web pages:

phone: (334) 844-1074


Henry Barclay,


AFOA's 20th Annual Meeting is Hot Topic

Henry Barclay, President of Lehmann, Ullman & Barclay, LLP, has been a featured speaker on income and estate taxes at most of AFOA's annual meetings during the past 20 years and this year he will wear the hat of host as well as speaker. Henry is AFOA's president and will describe the upcoming, April 21, program planned for forest owners. Open a program and registration application here.

phone: (205) 328-5966


Dr. Mark Dubois


How Much Does It Cost to: 
  • Plant Trees
  • Cruise Timber
  • Prescribe Burn...

Mark Dubois is and Extension Forestry Specialist at Auburn University's School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences. He is co-author of Costs and Cost Trends for Forestry Practices in the South which was recently published in the Forest Landowners Manual. Mark's report will help you set budgets and priorities when you plan forest management work and it might help you negotiate a better price when contracting the work out. 

phone: (334) 844-1037


Allen Russell McCreless, ACF


In the springtime, a young man's fancy turns to...
Killing Kudzu!

Allen McCreless is a consulting forester based in Jacksonville, Alabama. Besides marketing timber for  landowners all over Alabama, Allen provides management advice and assistance that includes the control of kudzu. Allen recommends that we visit the following web sites for kudzu control information: 

phone: (256) 435-1296


Melisa Love, ACF


Stumpage Markets: A Timber Seller's Perspective

Melisa Love is President of Forestry Consultants, Inc., Opelika, Alabama.  Her firm assists landowners with numerous timber sales each year. Lisa reminds us that we are fortunate that timber is a long term investment and she urges us to look back at least five years to gain a better handle on today's market conditions. 

Helpful web sites include: 

phone: (334) 745-7530


Issues and Topics AFOA is following.

To suggest an issue or a topic for a future telephone conference, please send an email note to AFOA by clicking here.

  • Red Hills Salamander
  • County Zoning (current-use assessment)
  • Right to Farm & Practice Forestry
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Constitutional Revision/Tax Reform
  • Industry Consolidation & Timber Markets
  • Stumpage & Forest Product Markets
  • Seasonal Forest and Wildlife Management Tips
  • Forestland For Sale
  • Repeal of Estate Tax
  • Forest Taxation: income, estate, & property
  • Southern Pine Beetle: salvage & prevention
  • Wood Buying Policies During SPB Epidemic
  • Section 631(b) Capital Gains Tax Change
  • Delaney Family Current-Use Case
  • Jefferson Co. Storm Water Management Lawsuit & Appeal
  • Alabama's Pine Straw Wholesale Market
  • Useful Computer Software
  • Forest Fertilization
  • Intensive Forest Management
  • Long Rotation Management & Natural Regeneration
  • TMDL, CWA, EPA Basins, CARA, Forest Certification
  • Minerals, Gas & Oil Activity
  • Recreational Businesses for Forest Owners
  • Current Use Tax Assessment Rates
  • Local Harvesting Restrictions & Road Weight Limits
  • Bridge Repairs & the Alabama Trust Fund
  • Dog Hunting & Hunter Trespass
  • and many more.