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October 2000 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.

Conference was recorded Wednesday, October 18, 2000

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This conference and all future conferences will be in the .mp3 format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player and most other media devices.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this telephone news conference. Hayes' email address is

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7/27/00, 8/24/00, 9/20/00


Ragan Ingram


Fix the Trust, Then the Bridges

Alabama Lt. Governor Steve Windom has been a strong supporter of the forest industry. He knows that old, failing bridges increase trucking costs and reduce stumpage prices paid to forest owners for their forest products. Ragan Ingram, Communications Director for Lt. Governor Steve Windom, will explain why Amendment 1, which would provide funds for the repair of 3000 bridges, should be defeated on November 7.

Click Here: For Lt. Governor's Position on Amendment One  

Phone: (334)242-7900


Allen Elrod


Forestland Property Taxes to Rise in 2001.

Allen Elrod, Alabama Department of Revenue, Montgomery, recently calculated the Current-Use Property Assessment Values for Forestland in Alabama. The formula uses pulpwood prices and interest rates to calculate the values. Click here for an Alabama Department of Revenue press release with details on the tax increase.

Phone: (334)242-1525

Download FREE copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (TM) here.

Bruce N. Eason


Sell Timber Lump Sum, Sealed Bid.

Bruce Eason is President of Piedmont Foresters, a consulting forestry firm based in LaFayette, Alabama. He offers good advice to forest owners about safe and successful timber sale methods. "Listen to him," says AFOA. "It's the best way to stay off our saddest tales ever told list." 

Phone: (334) 864-9542 


Charles M. Tarver


"Good forest management practices, not tax law, should determine the type of timber sale contract."

Charley Tarver, President of Forest Investment Associates, and Chairman, Forest Landowners Tax Council (FLTC), explains how changing a section of tax code can help small forest owners avoid serious problems when selling timber. For background information about the FLTC's efforts to rewrite Section 631(b) of the IRS code, Click Here. ... and Here.

Phone: (404) 261-9575 


Professor Thomas M. Bonnicksen


Restoration Forestry

Thomas M. Bonnicksen is Professor of Forest Restoration and Environmental Decision-making at Texas A & M University and the author of America's Ancient Forests: From the Ice Age To The Age of Discovery. The efforts of many forest owners in Alabama involve restoring forests on our land. We practice our art on old peanut fields, "old-field" pine stands, and high-graded hardwood stands. In Ancient Forests, Bonnicksen presents "information for forest restoration and conservation projects, and presents an account of how the North American landscape has evolved." In November, Dr. Bonnicksen will open a web page on restoration forestry at

Phone: (979)845-6098


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Michelle Isenberg


Preparing to Plant (restoration forestry?)

Michelle Isenberg is a Forestry Products Specialist and Associate Wildlife Biologist with BASF company, formerly American Cyanamid. If you have harvested a tract of timber during the past year or two and now want to restock it with a quick growing stand of pine trees, Michelle has a few suggestions that will help you do the job successfully. Click here for her suggestions.

Phone: (256)825-0512

Glen Dabney


The BIG Picture

Glen Dabney, forester, pilot, and aerial photographer, with Kingwood Forestry Services in Monticello, Arkansas, spends many winter days high above our forestland taking pictures. Most of us have bought maps and aerial photos of our land. Glen makes it his responsibility to help us get the most value from our photos. He will discuss seasonal, scale and film differences and how they affect the information we can extract from our photos.

Phone: (870) 367-8567


Keith Polk


It IS that time of year...

Keith Polk is a New Product Specialist at Forestry Suppliers in Jackson, Mississippi. He has several suggestions for toys that you or your "forest manager" might like to find under the Christmas tree.

Terrain Navigator - Topo Maps - Alabama $99.95 

Garmin Global Positioning System Units & Accessories 

Order a Forestry Suppliers Wish Book 

Keith's phone: 1-800-647-5368

Peter J. Stewart



Stumpage Markets

Pete Stewart is President of a new "real time" stumpage price service called He stays in touch with stumpage markets across the South and will reflect on how the forest industry consolidation may affect us (International Paper/Union Camp, International Paper/Champion International, Plum Creek/The Timber Company). He also will mention current low pulpwood prices and will try to answer the question: "When can we expect a recovery?"

Phone: (704)357-0110 


Issues and Topics AFOA is following.


If you would like to suggest an issue or a topic for a future telephone conference, please send an email note to AFOA by clicking here.

  • Stumpage & Forest Product Markets
  • Seasonal Forest and Wildlife Management Tips
  • Forestland For Sale
  • Repeal of Estate Tax
  • Forest Taxation: Income, Estate, Property
  • Southern Pine Beetle: salvage & prevention
  • Wood Buying Policies During SPB Epidemic
  • Section 631(b) Capital Gains Tax Change
  • Delaney Family Current-Use Case
  • Jefferson Co. Storm Water Management Lawsuit & Appeal
  • National Monument status on Alabama National Forests
  • Alabama's Pine Straw Wholesale Market
  • Useful Computer Software
  • Forest Fertilization
  • Intensive Forest Management
  • Long Rotation Management & Natural Regeneration
  • TMDL, CWA, EPA Basins, CARA, Forest Certification
  • Minerals, Gas & Oil Activity
  • Recreational Businesses for Forest Owners
  • Current Use Tax Assessment Rates
  • Local Harvesting Restrictions & Road Weight Limits
  • Bridge Repairs & the Alabama Trust Fund
  • Dog Hunting & Hunter Trespass
  • and many more.