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MAY 2008 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by the Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
This Conference was recorded on MAY 21, 2008.

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Hayes D. Brown   Alabama Forest Owners' Association

Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner, will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Timothy P. Albritton

Hear Conference

Carbon Offsets: Show Me The Money

Tim Albritton is an Elmore County landowner who has actually sold carbon sequestration rights and has a copy of his carbon payment check to prove it. Tim is Natural Resources Conservation Service State Forester and worked for many years with the Alabama Forestry Commission, but his carbon sales activities were strictly Tim Albritton, private landowner. Tim and son Joseph planted 8 acres of loblolly pines on an old cotton field back in January 1995. Then, last year, April 2007, Tim filled out the forms to register his "carbon" with "carbon aggregator" Delta Institute in order to sell his sequestration rights for the carbon. Earlier this year (2/08) he finally received a check in the mail. AFOA advises carbon traders to have their attorneys check contracts before signing.

Phone: (334) 887-4560


Dr. John L. Adrian

Hear Conference

Farm & Forest Land Values & Cash Rents

John Adrian is a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology at Auburn University. John and Dr. Walt Prevatt, also an ag economist, published a report last summer that may be of interest to many forest owners. Entitled Alabama Farm Real Estate: A Comparison of Returns and Values Since 1970, the report discusses large farmland value increases in recent years. "Numerous factors seem to be influencing the farm real estate market such as historically low interest rates, the popularity of 1031 Exchanges, the desire for recreational land, the satisfaction received from the amenities of 'rural' living, and the search for investment opportunities that will possibly outperform the stock market and other potential investments."

Phone: (334) 844-5625


Michael C. Hill

Hear Conference

Refocusing Forestry Law Enforcement in Alabama

Craig Hill was recently selected to be the Alabama Forestry Commission's Law Enforcement Chief. For the past 21 years he has worked as a conservation officer, investigator, and supervisor with the Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, where he has been the Operations Chief for the past six years. Under Hill's leadership, the Forestry Commission wants to raise public awareness about the law enforcement services available to landowners, the timber industry, and the citizens of this state. He points out that AFC law enforcement officers have full police power. They primarily investigate and enforce laws and regulations pertaining to the following:

  • Timberland arson
  • Timber theft
  • Theft of timber harvesting equipment
  • Illegal dumping

To report these types of violations please call 1-800-222-2927. This number is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Phone: (334) 240-9366


Dr. David Mercker

Hear Conference

After the Tornado: claiming a timber casualty loss

David Mercker described Hardwood Corridor Thinning on the last issue of Capital Ideas - Live!, but since then he has spent a lot of time assisting landowners that have been hit by tornados in Tennessee. In the process of developing and leading landowner workshops on recovering from tornado damage, David wrote a short paper on claiming a casualty loss (it has been pointed out to us that "salvage should be reported separately, i.e. claim the entire loss and report the salvage sale as a separate event--they will wash out when losses and gains are balanced." 5/4/11). Tornado damage is frequent in Alabama and the tracks of two (from AFC website) that touched down in February 2008 in Fayette, Tuscaloosa and Walker counties and Lawrence and Morgan counties may be of interest to absentee owners.

Websites for help:

Phone: (731) 425-4703


Jaime White

Hear Conference

The Ridge: Private ATV Trails and Camping

Jaime White is the Administrative Officer of The Ridge Riding Club, a family owned, family run business on 500+ acres or forestland near Springville, Alabama, exit 154 on Interstate 59 northeast of Birmingham. "The Ridge is an off-road riding park specifically catering to motorcycle and four-wheeler riders of all ages and abilities." The White family works on trails, sells riding memberships, and rents cabins and camping sites. They're even building a 6-room hotel to accommodate riders. We thought AFOA members who own ATVs that need a little exercise might like to get lost on 35 miles of trails (most are one-way). Or some may be in the market for a new 4-wheeler or side-by-side and would benefit from a Demo Day at The Ridge. Hanging a hammock in the woods and taking a nap after a hard ride is permitted.

Phone: (205) 467-7490


Dr. Russell A. Wright

Hear Conference

Fish Ponds: all you'll ever want to know

Rusty Wrightis an Extension Specialist and Associate Professor of Fisheries in the Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures at Auburn University. He is an enthusiastic teacher and forest owners should make a point of attending workshops when Rusty is on the program. Rusty has developed a web page that has loads of useful information on it. He suggests you take a look at the following links on the website:

Phone: (334) 844-9311


Gary P. Delaney

Hear Conference

Woody Plant Seed Manual

Gary Delaney, vice president of Louisiana Forest Seed Company, follows his father and grandfather in the tree seed processing business. LFSCo was established in 1983 and currently processes about 200 species of seed for the horticulture and forest industries. We suspect that many forest owners have brought home a handful of acorns or blackgum berries to see if they could get them to grow. A resource that would be nice to have, if you were to try growing trees from seed, is the Woody Plant Seed Manual. First published in 1948, the book sits on the desk of nearly every U.S. nurseryman and is now available on the web. The current edition, USDA FS Agriculture Handbook 727, was published April 2008.

  • Part 1  Principles and General Methods of Producing and Handling Seeds
    • Chapter 1-Seed Biology
    • Chapter 3-Seed Harvesting & Conditioning
    • Chapter 4-Storage of Seeds
    • Chapter 7-Nursery Practices
  • Part 2  Specific Handling Methods and Data for 236 Genera

For a copy of Louisiana Forest Seed Company's Wholesale Prices, write: Louisiana Forest Seed Company, 303 Forestry Road, Lecompte, LA 71346.

Phone: (318) 443-5026


Thomas E. Carignan, Jr.

Hear Conference

Add Value: Hire a Consulting Forester

Tom Carignan is owner and manager of Carignan Forestry Consultants and spends much of his time describing the activities and skills involved in making timber sales. Many landowners are skeptical when it comes to paying a sales commission to a consultant so Tom has written the story of Mary Rose to help you understand the value added by a consultant. The article is the cover story of the May-June 2008 issue of Tree Farmer magazine.
    In the beginning, Mary Rose "was confused...and more than a little bit worried."

Phone: 1-866-361-7677