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MARCH 2008 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by the Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
This Conference was recorded March 19, 2008.

to Listen to the
The audio portion of this conference was posted to the web in .mp3 format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player and most other media devices.

Hayes D. Brown   Alabama Forest Owners' Association

Hayes D. Brown

starting time: (00:00)


Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner, will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Dr. Oliver R. W. Pergams

Hear Conference

Life-Style Changes Affect Outdoor Businesses

Oliver Pergams is a Conservation Scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago and is a founder, along with Dr. Patricia Zaradic, of the Red Rock Institute, Inc., an organization "interested in examining all aspects of people's changing relationship with nature..." Pergams & Zaradic's recent publication entitled Evidence for a fundamental and pervasive shift away from nature-based recreation, has created a great deal of interest from rather diverse groups. Environmentalists worry that a lack of interest in nature might develop into a lack of support for laws and regulations designed to improve the environment. State conservation departments, funded by hunting and fishing licenses, worry that license purchases might drop and pull down budgets. Landowners should worry that income from businesses dependent on demand for wildland access might stop growing or even decline.

Web Links of Interest:

Phone: (312) 996-5446


Dr. W. Daryl Jones

Hear Conference

Revenue Potential from Natural Resource Enterprises

Daryl Jones, is the Coordinator of the Natural Resource Enterprises (NRE) Program and Assistant Extension Professor at the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries at Mississippi State University. The majority of forestland in the eastern U.S. is privately owned; most of it in the hands of individual and family owners. Dr. Jones' interest in helping us develop outdoor recreation businesses is both important to us and to our potential customers. The NRE website contains all kinds of ideas and examples of businesses you might find interesting. Currently about 4,000 AFOA members lease land for hunting, but few of us do more than sign a lease and collect annual fees. Jones will give us clues on how to dig a bit deeper.

Phone: (662) 325-5769


Mr. Joseph W. Eiland

Hear Conference

Yahoo Web Page Building for Beginners

Joe Eiland is the owner of Eiland Forestry & Real Estate, a forest management and real estate sales firm with over 30 years experience. Joe lists various tracts of land for sale on his website and spent several minutes last week telling us how easy it was to post maps and photos of the land to the web. He uses Yahoo Small Business Web Hosting Service (about $10 per month). We thought AFOA members might find a use for an easy "do it yourself" website (no software in your computer or to buy) to post photos and maps for view by family members and others. By the way, Joe's listing on AFOA's "forestland for sale" webpage is located at

Joe's Recipe for Starting a Web Page

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ‘get a website’ to set up your account
  3. Go to ‘pick your look’ to set up the basic layout of your site
  4. Click on ‘select your pages’ to add your own site pages 
  5. At each page enter text as indicated
  6. Photos, maps, or drawings can be added to each page by clicking on page boxes
  7. After each page save your work
  8. View all work to make sure its what you want on web 
  9. Hit "publish to web" 
  10. At anytime the site may be edited by going to back to, click on manage your services, then edit

Phone: (205) 655-0191


Dr. John L. Greene

Hear Conference

Income Tax Updates

John Greene is a U.S. Forest Service Research Forester attached to the Southern Research Station and based in New Orleans. He is always a ready source of solid forest taxation information and today provides us with some updates that came about when the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 was signed February 13, 2008. In the first slide show (first link below), John describes New minimum tax rate for long-term capital gains plus Reforestation Incentives. In the second slide show (second link below) he discusses Increases in the section 179 deduction and Family business tax simplification provision.

Phone: (919) 549-4093


Dr. David South

Hear Conference

14 Reasons Why Bareroot Loblolly Seedlings Die

David South is a Professor at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University. He specializes in nursery management, seedling quality, and regeneration and AFOA frequently calls on him for advice. David's comments to us for this program: "Some landowners are willing to invest large amounts of money in mechanical site preparation and chemical weed control but are unwilling to invest a small amount for effective planting methods. If making 11-inch holes costs 2 cents more per tree, the cost per acre might increase by $10. Likewise, penny pinchers might save $25 per acre by not machine planting an old-field. However, paying more for machine planting, large-diameter seedlings in November can be a good investment, especially in years when droughts occur."

14 Reasons Why Bareroot Loblolly Pine Seedlings Die

Phone: (334) 844-1022


Dr. David Mercker

Hear Conference

Hardwood Corridor Thinning

David Mercker loves hardwood trees and he loves to help landowners grow them. His work as Extension Forester with the University of Tennessee gives him the opportunity to pursue both of these loves. David has the ability to name activities that increase a landowner's chances to improve his hardwood forestland. Several years ago he wrote a well focused 8-page booklet called Crop Tree Release in Precommercial Hardwood Stands. Now David has come up with a new hardwood action plan called Hardwood Corridor Thinning. Listen up, North Alabama forest owners.

Phone: (731) 425-4703


Mr. Gilbert F. Dukes, III

Hear Conference

Tax Deferred Property Exchanges Made Easy

Gil Dukes is a Partner in the law firm of Coale, Dukes, Kirkpatrick & Crowley, P.C., a group that practices in the following areas of law: Taxation, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Gift and Income Tax Planning, Probate, Commercial, Corporate, Reorganizations, Real Estate. Mr. Dukes has specialized in 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges for many years and provides services of a qualified intermediary. The 1031 Exchange allows you to sell your land and then, within a limited time period, find and buy a second tract -- all free of income tax on the sale -- if you do it right. Gil is the man who knows how to do it right.

Phone: (251) 471-2625


Mr. Marshall D. Thomas

Hear Conference

Timber Market Report

Marshall Thomas is President of F & W Forestry Services, Inc., a forest resource management and consulting firm based in Albany, Georgia, with branches in 10 states and 13 cities. The company publishes a well-written and very interesting quarterly newsletter entitled F&W Forestry Letter available by subscription. Because of the numerous and widely scattered branch offices, Marshall receives timber market reports almost daily. 

Phone: (229) 883-0138x132