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August 2007 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by the Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
This Conference was recorded on August 15, 2007 with a live audience.

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Hayes D. Brown   Alabama Forest Owners' Association

Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner, will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Dr. Rebecca Barlow

Hear Conference

Forest Facts: New AFOA Feature

Becky Barlow is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Forest Management and Economics at Auburn University. In AFOA's monthly newsletter, she has started a new feature called "Forest Facts," which can also be found on AFOA's Web site. In each issue she will focus on a different county in Alabama and highlight some of the significant facts about that county's forests. On Capital Ideas -- Live! she will talk about a couple of statewide forest facts: the 22.9 million acres of timberland throughout the state, and the timber industry's impact on the economy of Alabama. She will also explain how she obtains her forest facts, and welcomes any suggestions that our listeners might have.

Phone: (334) 821-1993


Dr. William J. Libby

Hear Conference

Genetically Modified Forests

Bill Libby is a senior associate with Zobel Forestry Associates, Inc. of Cary, North Carolina. He previously served as a professor at the University of California-Berkeley from 1961 until 1994, with joint appointments in the Genetics, Forestry, and Conservation of Natural Resources departments. He will discuss his recent book, Genetically Modified Forests: From Stone Age to Modern Biotechnology, which he co-authored with Rowland D. Burdon: "The term biotechnology came into common usage in the 1980s. Broadly defined, it is anything that combines biology and technology, but it commonly refers to genetic manipulation of plants and animals. And it has a long history; the genetics of many tree species have been purposefully modified for more than 5,000 years. In Genetically Modified Forests, the authors trace the history of tree improvement, helping the reader to understand both human effect on tree genetics and the real and imagined concerns of genetic engineering."

Phone: (925) 376-5896


Dr. Edward Loewenstein

Hear Conference

Upland Oak Regeneration

Ed Loewenstein is an Assistant Professor of Silviculture at the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences with a research interest in hardwood silviculture. Oaks are a highly valued species, but forest owners can face a number of challenges in successfully regenerating them. Dr. Loewenstein will explain what some of those difficulties are, and what a landowner can do to increase the probability of success. He stresses, though, that "oak regeneration isn't rocket science; it's much more difficult than that. It is simply not possible to come up with one, or several, prescriptions that if followed carefully will guarantee successful regeneration of oak in your forest stand. Each stand must be evaluated individually."

Phone: (334) 844-1069


Ms. Candace D. Johnson, Esq.

Hear Conference

What Every Landowner Should Know About Easements

Candace Johnson is a partner with the law firm of Adams and Reese LLP and is based in their Mobile, Alabama office. She represents companies in the areas of real estate, forestry, oil and gas, general corporate, and commercial law, and is listed in The Best Lawyers in America (Timber Law). If a utility company approached you about giving them an easement, would you know what to do? Ms. Johnson will discuss the definition of an easement, ways to create and terminate an easement, and practical ways you can protect yourself when faced with this situation.

Phone: (251) 433-3234


Ms. Lori B. Rose

Hear Conference

Hunting Land Insurance

Lori Rose is a Major Case Specialist for Southeastern Claims Services, a Davis-Garvin Company, and oversees all claims filed in connection with the hunt club insurance program offered by AFOA. In a previous edition of Capital Ideas -- Live!, she spoke about how hunt clubs and landowners can prevent hunting accident claims. In this month's program, she turns her attention to hunting land insurance and what that kind of policy, broadly speaking, is designed to cover or not cover. Last policy year, AFOA's hunting lease liability group insurance policy was used by 4,514 landowners with 3,550,913 acres. Ms. Rose recommends that if any of our listeners have specific coverage questions about the AFOA policy, they should contact Dr. Ed Wilson, Account Executive at Davis-Garvin, at 1-800-845-3163 x151.

Phone: 1-800-962-1625 x121


Dr. Linda Wang

Hear Conference

Essentials of Tax Basis

Linda Wang is a Forest Taxation Specialist with the USDA Forest Service in Atlanta, Georgia. She is responsible for timber tax education to foresters, landowners, loggers, tax professionals, and attorneys, and is also involved in timber tax policy studies and assessment. One of the most frequently lost deductions for forest landowners and misunderstood timber tax subjects is timber basis. Presented by one of the nationally recognized timber tax educators, this program will give you a clear and concise review of the importance of documenting timber basis, what timber basis is, and how to properly set it up. Dr. Wang will provide practical insight and tips to help you deal with this tax issue.

Phone: (404) 347-2067


John L. Greene   Alabama Forest Owners' Association

Dr. John L. Greene

Hear Conference

Drought-Related Losses: Can You Get Tax Relief?

John Greene is a Research Forester with the USDA-Forest Service Southern Research Station, based in New Orleans, Louisiana. His area of expertise is forest economics and policy. Unfortunately, many forest owners lost seedlings to the drought this summer and may be asking whether they can get any kind of tax relief for their loss, and if so, to what extent. Dr. Greene will give landowners guidance on these issues and will point out the particular tax forms that they should use to report a non-casualty loss.

Phone: (919) 549-4093


Mr. Earl Ketchum, RF

Hear Conference

Timber Market Report

Earl Ketchum is the owner and manager of Ketchum Land & Timber, LLC, a forestry consulting firm located in Clayton, Alabama. For this month's timber market report, he will take a look at what effect the recent decline in the U.S. housing market has had on pine saw timber stumpage prices. He will also discuss the mills' tight wood quotas and their impacts, and will tell us where he thinks pine pulpwood stumpage prices are headed.

Phone: (334) 734-2312