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June 2007 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by the Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
This Conference was recorded Wednesday, June 27, 2007 with a live audience.

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Hayes D. Brown   Alabama Forest Owners' Association

Hayes D. Brown

starting time: (00:00)


Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner, will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Dr. Thomas Adams

Hear Conference

The Role of Wood as a Biofuel

Tom Adams is the Engineering Outreach Coordinator at the University of Georgia. His research interests include Biofuels, Bioenergy, and Bioproducts Research, Development and Demonstration. He will talk about the role that wood may play in the future of biofuels, and what landowners will need to know to prepare themselves and their land for that future. This topic was covered by Dr. David Bransby at AFOA's May 5, 2007 Annual Meeting.

Phone: (706) 542-0793


Dr. Mark Thornton

Hear Conference

The Future of U.S. Energy Policy: Are We Heading in the Right Direction?

Mark Thornton is an Economist and Senior Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He was a guest speaker at the 2007 AFOA Annual Meeting, and will address some thought-provoking questions regarding U.S. energy policy. For example, will fossil fuel supplies last forever? Should we depend heavily on unstable parts of the world for our critical energy supplies? What happens if bio-processing methods never improve much and we spend huge amounts of our wealth on unsustainable bioenergy projects? How will forest owners be impacted in a changing energy environment?

Phone: (334) 321-2100


Dr. Charles D. Haynes

Hear Conference

Getting the Best Deal on Your Oil and Gas Lease

Charlie Haynes is a Mining, Petroleum, and Coalbed Methane Consultant and was another guest speaker at the 2007 AFOA Annual Meeting. He will update us on current exploration possibilities in Alabama and provide several important tips when leasing oil and gas rights. This is a timely topic in light of the huge natural gas field that is being developed in St. Clair County and may include Cherokee and Etowah Counties as well. If an interested buyer knocks on your door, will you know how to negotiate the best possible lease for your oil and gas rights? 

Phone: (256) 582-7711


Albert F. Schober

Hear Conference

When Planting Loblolly Pine Seedlings, Timing is Almost Everything

Rick Schober is a consulting forester with the Schober Forestry and Land Companies located in Orrville, Alabama.  Rick will discuss how to time your tree planting and plant your seedlings at the correct depth in order to maximize their survival, especially in times of drought. 

Suggested articles by Professor David South:

Phone: (334) 431-0078


Allan Andress

Hear Conference

Hunting on Your Own Land: License Requirements

Allan Andress is Chief of the Enforcement Section of the Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division within the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. He will discuss the circumstances in which a landowner and his family are exempt from the State's hunting license requirements when they are hunting on the landowner's own property in Alabama. Specifically, does the landowner and his family need to reside on the property in order to qualify? Which family members fall within the exemption? And what if they wish to hunt for ducks or doves on the landowner's own property? Do any special requirements apply in these circumstances?

Phone: (334) 242-3467


Dr. Peter Smallidge

Hear Conference

The ForestConnect 2007 Forestry Internet Seminar Series

Peter Smallidge is the State Extension Forester and Arnot Forest Director in New York State. He is also the Chair of the Editorial Committee and Ex-Officio Board Member of the New York Forest Owners Association. He will explain how Alabama forest owners, using a Web browser and an Internet connection, can participate in a series of forestry seminars called the ForestConnect 2007 Forestry Internet Seminar Series. The goal of these seminars is to provide research-based and unbiased information to forest owners and others interested in private forest lands management. The interactive nature of the seminars gives participants an opportunity to ask questions of the presenter in real time. There is no charge to participate, but registration is required.

Phone: (607) 592-3640


Johnny Thompson

Hear Conference

New Mapping and Aerial Imagery Product for Forest Owners

Johnny Thompson is the Gulf Regional Sales Manager for LandMark Systems, a leading provider of mapping services headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Some of the questions he will discuss are: What kind of technology-based tools are available for the forest industry today? Which of these tools would be suitable for the forest owner? And how could a forest owner actually use these basemaps on the computer?

Phone: (662) 272-5344


Prof. Thomas G. Harris

Hear Conference

Timber Market Report

Tom Harris is Professor of Forest Business Management at the Center for Forest Business - Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. He is also the publisher of Timber Mart-South, a quarterly market price survey and report of the major timber products in 11 Southeastern States. He will give us an update of timber market conditions.

Phone: (706) 542-2832