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July 2006 News Conference for Forest Owners Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc. Conference was recorded July 19, 2006.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner, will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Sean Moore


What Human Amenities Mean for Alabama

Sean Moore is a Research Associate with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in Missouri. Moore and colleague Sarah Lowe did a report on Human Amenities (i.e., scenic views, clear waters, recreational potential) and their effect on economic growth in the United States. They found that human amenities influence both migration patterns and business location decisions because they appeal to professionals who prefer to live in a pleasing environment. We noticed, however, that Alabama did not score too well in their report. Moore tells us why this could be and suggests possible ways for Alabama to improve its amenities image.

Other Regional Asset Indicators:

Phone: (816) 881-6758


Charles E. Chandler


Paper Mill Expansion

Charles Chandler is a logging contractor with IndusTREE Timber, Inc. in Cullman, Alabama. Despite the fact that paper mills all over the country are closing their doors, the International Paper Courtland mill is growing into a $53 million enlargement. While many folks in Lawrence County are optimistic about what this expansion could mean for the local economy, we must ask what this expansion could mean for forest landowners in this area and in the state in general. Chandler offers his take on the IP expansion and the effect he sees it having on forest landowners.

Phone: (334) 567-5436


William C. Jones


Logging Regulations Affect Timber Market

Bill Jones is the Executive Director of the Alabama Loggers Council located in Montgomery, Alabama. The outcry from county governments over road damage caused by logging trucks is creating pressure on the industry. This could mean problems for landowners because how will we be able to meet our harvests' fullest profit potential if the loggers can't easily and efficiently move our logs to the mills? Jones will explain specifically what complaints counties are having concerning road damage, how resulting regulations will burden loggers, and the effect all this will have on us and the market.

Phone: (334) 265-8733


L. Louis Hyman


Difficult Planting Season

Lou Hyman is the Assistant Division Director of the Alabama Forestry Commission's Fire Division in Montgomery, Alabama. The 2005-2006 tree planting season will prove difficult due to prevailing drought conditions, so many of us should expect serious seedling survival problems. Lou will reassure us that we shouldn't feel as if we did something wrong, nor should we blame our tree planters. He will also describe which counties are experiencing the worst part of this drought, what we should expect (or not expect) in the upcoming months, and what to do about it.

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Phone: (334) 240-9354


Kent Hanby


Prescribed Fire Vendors

Kent Hanby is a consulting forester and prescribed burning instructor from Dadeville, Alabama. AFOA has compiled a prescribed fire vendors list for as many Alabama burning professionals as possible. To complement our list, we've asked Hanby to talk about what kind of contract we should have if we decide to hire a prescribed burning professional, how much insurance should we as the landowner and the burner have, and what rules do we have to follow and what rules should we follow?

Alabama Forestry Commission County Office Contact Information:  

Phone: (256) 825-8593


Kathryn Fernholz


Family Working Together Improves Forest

Katie Fernholz is the Executive Director of Dovetail Partners, Inc. Fernholz is experienced in working with family forests, and supports the idea that while some silvicultural practices may require specialization from an expert, there are other forest management goals on your land that you can do as a family. The trick is to find a project which can be divided up into jobs where everybody can play a part, including children. She suggests the kind of forest management activities families can do as for quality time, how to foster interest in kids for the family forestlands, and other strategies for families looking to plan outdoor activities in order to bond.

Phone: (651) 762-4007


Dr. Charles L. Cantrell


Folk Remedy Repels Mosquitoes

Charles Cantrell is a chemist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) in Oxford, Mississippi. Cantrell has confirmed colleague Dr. Charles Bryson's research that the crushed leaves of the American beautyberry plant wards off biting insects, such as ticks, ants and mosquitoes. "I've rubbed the leaves on my arms, and it works," Cantrell said. To the folks living in Mississippi's hill country, this is nothing new. The beautyberry plant has been used as a folk remedy for at least a century! Cantrell tells us how this traditional remedy works, a little bit of its folklore, and the future for the plant as a marketable product.

Phone: (662) 915-5898


Mark W. Thomas


The Drought and Wildlife: Timely Tips

Mark Thomas is a renaissance man of forestry and wildlife, and works - appropriately enough - with Forestry/Wildlife Integration, LLC in Hoover, Alabama. Earlier, Lou Hyman discussed the fate of planted seedlings due to the drought. What about the affect the drought will have on our wildlife habitat preparations? Thomas will talk about what landowners should be doing to prepare for wildlife habitat conditions in the near future and recommend some timely wildlife tips we should consider at this time.

Phone: (205) 733-0477