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March 2006 News Conference for Forest Owners Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc. Conference was recorded March 13, 15, & 17, 2006.

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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Senator Steve French


Struggle to Prevent Eminent Domain Abuse Not Over Yet

Senator French is serving his second term representing the 15th District (Jefferson & Shelby Counties) in the Alabama Senate. He is the sponsor of SB368, a bill which would propose a constitutional amendment to prohibit the condemnation of property for the purposes of private retail, office, commercial, industrial, or residential development or any purpose other than actual use by the public. The Senator gives us an update on this bill and other legislative actions regarding eminent domain. Rural forest landowners should be aware that none of these bills protects them from the taking of their land for parks or other public recreational uses.

Phone: (334) 242-7851


Alberto Goetzl


The Phenomenon of Timberland Ownership Changes

Alberto Goetzl is a forestry consultant with Seneca Creek Associates, LLC, and resides in Poolesville, Maryland. Over 23 million acres of industrial timberland has changed ownership in the past five years in large transactions (Wilent 2004) in the United States. Goetzl has extensive experience in industrial forestry, and will tell us about this phenomenon in timberland ownership transfers over the past few years and what it means to us. Do we need to change our investment strategy?

Phone: (202) 463-2713


David J. Hunnicutt


Oregon Supreme Court Supports Property Rights

Dave Hunnicutt is the President of Oregonians In Action, a non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the rights of private property owners, headquartered in Tigard, Oregon. Since early 2001, we've been following Hunnicutt and his state's fight against government abuses regarding private property. Measure 37 will be re-instated thanks to a unanimous decision on February 21, 2006 by the Oregon Supreme Court. Hunnicutt explains Measure 37, what role the Oregon timber industry played in the measure, how Measure 37 helps the forest landowner, and discusses whether other states are following Oregon's lead.

Phone: (503) 620-0258


Douglass McConnell


Coosa County To Require Logging Permits July 10, 2006

Douglass McConnell is co-owner of Forest Owner Consultants and runs Hatchet Valley Farms in Rockford, Alabama. Doug has been keeping AFOA informed about the Coosa County Commission's desire to require timber harvesters to register and/or post performance bonds. Recently, the Commission created a resolution which will require permits before landowners can cut trees. McConnell gives us an update on this resolution from the point of view of a Coosa County landowner. Since enforcement of this resolution may ultimately cost forest owners timber sale income and reduction in land values, you may want to contact the commissioners and share your perspective on the issue.

Phone: (256) 377-2656


William N. Gray


Unintended Consequences

Bill Gray is a supervising wildlife biologist with the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries located in Montgomery, Alabama. We all do things on our property that might cause potential problems for others. Bill opens our eyes to kinds of management activities we might practice that could cause legal problems or other unintended consequences.

Phone: (334) 242-3469


Alan B. Curtis


A Wood Collector's Guide

Alan B. Curtis is a retired forester and botanist from the U.S. Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management, who lives in Eugene, Oregon. He is the co-author of A Guide for Developing A Wood Collection. If you have been collecting wood samples on your property, this guide will give you the advice and information you need to be a serious wood collector. Specifically, you'll learn how to accurately identify the wood in your collection, how to store and view your collection, and where to find the best resources on your hobby.

Phone: (541) 345-2571


Henry Barclay, III


Income Averaging for Average Incomes

Henry Barclay is president of the Forest Landowners Tax Council and is also managing partner of Lehmann, Ullman & Barclay, LLP, in Birmingham, Alabama. Most of us will make only one considerable timber sale in our lifetime. If you're "land rich" yet "cash poor," that could mean an overwhelming tax burden. If landowners who make infrequent sales are allowed to average their timber income over three years, as farmers are allowed, they will not be penalized for making infrequent sales. Henry will explain how income averaging works, why it was taken away, and provide an update on its current status.

"A hypothetical scenario: You and your spouse file a joint tax return. For each of the last three years - and for this year - you have a normal income of about $30,000. Suppose in 2006 you make your first big timber sale in twenty years. That sale generates a gain of $120,000, which may seem like a big amount, but remember, you haven't made a sale in twenty years. Now, before your timber sale, your Alabama and Federal tax would be about $5,400, but when you throw in all of the gain from your timber sale, you'll owe $27,000! If forest landowners could use income averaging - like farmers and fishermen can - your tax would only be $17,000. That's a savings of $10,000." Henry Barclay, III

Phone: (205) 439-6520


John McMillan


The Business of Montgomery

John McMillan has spent most of the last twenty-three years defending the forestry community before our state legislators by serving as executive director of the Alabama Forestry Association, where he recently retired. In addition, he served as Commissioner of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources during the administration of Governor Fob James. McMillan also served six years in the Alabama House of Representatives, where he was Chairman of the Conservation and Natural Resources Committee. Before his election to the House, he was a member of the Baldwin County Commission. Thus, as AFOA's Business of Montgomery expert, we've asked him to talk about what folks can expect at AFOA's 25th annual meeting.

Phone: (251) 202-1541