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October 2005 News Conference for Forest Owners Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc. Conference was recorded October 19, 2005.

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This conference and all future conferences will be in the .mp3 format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player and most other media devices.

Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Thomas Tanton


Biomass: High Cost Energy Solution

Thomas Tanton is a Senior Fellow with the Institute for Energy Research and resides in northern California. He recently wrote a report for the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) called Distorting The Wealth Of Nature. Tanton points out subsidies federal and state governments are paying for the development of biomass to energy projects. He displays a table that shows "when measured on a dollar-per-energy-output basis, renewables [biomass] are receiving more direct federal subsidies than are petroleum, coal, and nuclear." In fact renewables receive 14.6 cents per million BTUs more than coal and twice the amount as nuclear. So where's the energy "output"? Tanton speaks on the reality of biomass, whats holding back a boom in biomass to energy, and what YOU should know about biomass to energy. AFOA wants to be sure that any efforts forestry interests put into developing bioenergy programs are efficient and do not waste tax money.

Phone: (916) 645-2854


Thomas McEvoy


Settle Timber Sale Disputes Through Arbitration

Thom McEvoy is an Associate Professor at the School of Natural Resources at the University of Vermont, located in Burlington. What if you and your timber buyer have a dispute and the matter can't be settled - not even by your consultant? If your timber sale contract contains a clause on settling disputes out of court, chances are the remedy is some form of arbitration. McEvoy discusses the advantages of arbitration over going to court. McEvoy is an author and has recently updated Owning and Managing Forests: A Guide to Legal, Financial, and Practical Matters, which is the revised, expanded, and updated edition of Legal Aspects of Owning and Managing Woodlands.

 Phone: (802) 656-2913


Sarah O'Sullivan


Work with Your Neighbors to Kill Cogongrass

Sarah O'Sullivan is a Forest Health forester with the Alabama Forestry Commission's Management Division in Montgomery. She will discuss a new opportunity for southwestern Alabama landowners to work with their neighbors to kill Cogongrass, Chinese and European privet, or Tallowtree (or Popcorn tree) on both sides of the property line. Hurricane Ivan cost share money is available for you and other landowners willing to work together. Signup is November 1 to December 8, 2005. Applications are available at your county AFC office. Note: while AFOA encourages you to work with your neighbors to fight these troublesome plants, keep in mind that signing up must be done on an individual basis.

Phone: (334) 240-9350


Dr. Jeffrey Jackson


Edge Effect: The Land Between

Jeff Jackson is a wildlife management consultant and retired professor from the University of Georgia. In his article, Edge Effect Goes into the Woods [PDF], he explains that an edge effect is the "tendency for a greater variety for organisms to cluster in the boundaries between habitat communities," and "are the meeting grounds where things happen." So if you're looking for birds, snakes, or deer tracks, a good place to find them would be edge between the forest, field, marsh, pond, etc. Best of all, edge effect can be a low cost, wildlife habitat improvement method resulting from clear cutting or logging operations.

Tips for Developing a Forest Edge

  • Cut openings and lanes in the forest to create a habitat suitable for diverse wildlife
  • Improve wildlife habitat even more by expanding the edge, or removing some of the trees just inside the forest.

Edge Effect and Habitat

Phone: (706) 543-2656


Dan Miller


Build Your Cabin in the Woods

Dan Miller is the Farmstead Editor for Progressive Farmer located in Birmingham, Alabama. In his article, Build Your Cabin in the Woods, he explains how you can build your own self-sufficient backwoods dream cabin using the Progressive Farmer "Back 40" remote-retreat home plans. Build a Backwoods Cabin, Lean To with Fire Pit, ATV Shed, or a Hilltop home. It was fun just looking at the plans while daydreaming of a cozy, rustic hideaway. With the "Back 40" plans, daydreams can be made into reality.

Phone: (205) 445-6000


Jack Rhodes


Timber Buyer List Pays for Itself

Jack Rhodes is Treasurer and long-time member of AFOA and resides Birmingham, Alabama. Jack took the initiative to market his own timber by using AFOA's timber buyers list. Just by sending $10 to AFOA, he had at his disposal 119 names, addresses, and telephone numbers - information AFOA updates daily - of timber buyers in Elmore county where his timber was located. The list was sent to him printed on gummed labels, ready for mailing. Jack got back 12 bids from the letters he sent out to prospective buyers. Get your own list by writing to the address below, and tell 'em Jack sent you!

Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
P. O. Box 361434
Birmingham, Alabama 35236

Phone: (205) 661-0662


Jason Martin


Hunting Land: Lease Prices & Practices

Jason Martin is the Staff Forester for the Alabama Forest Owners' Association in Birmingham, Alabama. Whats the right price to charge for hunting on my land? Thats a question many landowners ask themselves but struggle to answer. They may know what their neighbors or friends charge, but can they be sure theyre being fairly compensated? Martin has recently finished a survey of landowners from all the counties in Alabama to help answer that question. One important fact to remember is that the quality of hunting land varies just as the quality of fishing ponds and seats at football games. Note: Jason reminds us that the results are presented as averages and that there are leases with both higher and lower prices. Almost none are the average.

Phone: (205) 987-8811


Dr. Brooks Mendell


Timber Market Report

Brooks Mendell (bio link updated 10/16/06) is Principal and Founder of Forisk Consulting and a Visiting Assistant Professor with the Warnell Center for Forest Business at the University of Georgia in Athens. When you begin wondering how Katrina impacted market prices of timber, Mendell suggests you take a look at what the mills are doing in their ability to use this downed timber. A good sign, Mendell states, is that mills in Mississippi and Alabama are adding capacity, so at least the ability to absorb all the wood on the ground is growing. He advises on this and more and mentions a Timber Market Analysis course he will be teaching on January 24-25, 2006. 

Phone: (706) 542-6021