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May 2005 News Conference for Forest Owners Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc. Conference was recorded May 18 and May 13, 2005.

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This conference and all future conferences will be in the .mp3 format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player and most other media devices.

Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Margaret Hage Byfield


Property Rights Fundamental in ESA Reform

Margaret Byfield is Executive Director of Stewards of the Range, a national advocate group for property rights. We are offering her the opportunity to tell us what she does not like about House Resources Committee Chairman Richard W. Pombo's efforts to "modernize and strengthen" the Endangered Species Act. Pombo accepts the idea that land may be taken from private owners to "save" an endangered species as long as the owner is paid a "fair" amount for his land. Byfield says that the ESA should not interfere at all with us and our property, period.

Phone: (208) 855-0707


Steven J. Milloy


More at Risk Than the Bottom Line

Steve Milloy is with Action Fund Management, LLC in Potomac, Maryland. He serves as the lead portfolio manager for the Free Enterprise Action Fund. This is the first mutual fund which serves to counter green activists like the Rainforest Action Network. Company after company is backing down and changing their policies and practices to accommodate these activists' "Corporate Social Responsibility" extortion methods. Targets now include financial institutions like J.P. Morgan because of their role in financing forestry operations. He will explain what his organization is doing to fight radical environmentalists who plant misconceptions about the environment and explain why financial institutions aren't standing up to them.

Phone: (301) 258-2852


Bonnie Erbe


Residential Development a Revenue Generator? Think Again!

Bonnie Erbe is a nationally syndicated columnist on domestic politics for Scripps Howard News Service and legal affairs correspondent for Mutual/NBC Radio. In addition, she is host of To The Contrary, a weekly discussion of news and national affairs consisting of a panel of nationally known experts. This savvy journalist makes it a point to stay on top of the hottest issues. She pointed out in her column (4/13/05, Mobile Register) that forestland pays more in property taxes than it receives in services.

Pennsylvania's Shrewsbury Township (see column) surveyed these costs in 2000. Here were the costs vs. income findings from different types of land use. It's worth taking a look at the numbers:

Township's Revenue
(generated by land use)

Township's Expenses
(services used by land use)


77% by residential land uses 96.3% for residential land use. For every $1 of revenue generated by residential property in $1.22 was spent providing services to those lands
19.7% by commercial land uses 3.1% for commercial or industrial uses For every $1 received from commercial and business land uses in the township, only $0.15 was spent to provide services.
3.3% by farmland, forests or open land. 0.6% (less than 1%) for farm, forest and open land. For every $1 received from farm/forest/open land uses in the township, only $0.17 was spent providing services.



Jan Jantzen


Rancher's Range Burning "Chore" Sparks a New Venture

Jan Jantzen is a flint hills naturalist who owns and operates Kansas Flint Hills Adventures, LLC out of his Grandview Ranch in Emporia, Kansas. He is taking full advantage of his property by exploring different routes of income opportunity, including horse rides and wildflower tours. One venture in particular he is doing on his property has even caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal: burn tourism. Springtime is range-burning season on the prairie, yet instead of having to do the burning himself or hiring laborers, Jantzen is actually charging people to come out on his property and perform this "chore" for him! He gets paid $100 by every burner to attend this all-day range burning party; including guests from as far away as Finland. Could this be for you? ... tree felling, game food plot planting, beaver dam removal  ---- chainsaws, tractors, dynamite ....

Upcoming Prescribed Burn Courses in Alabama:
SmokeWise Short Course
June 2  - Chilton County
June 8 - Covington County
"The Plan" Short Course
June 3 - Chilton County
June 9 - Covington County

Phone: (620) 342-2625

Dr. Robert Daniels


New 4-H Curriculum Promotes Forest Appreciation in Kids

Bob Daniels is an Extension Forester at Mississippi State University. He served as chair of the national design team that developed the "Forests of Fun" 4-H curriculum - the first for forestry since 1979. Just released for 2005, this new national series aimed at grades 3 through 12 feature educational activities that focus on individual trees, forests, urban forests, forests around the world, forestry careers, management of forest resources and more. A website provides additional forestry information to support the activities and more contacts for youth that wish to investigate the "wider world of forestry." The new curriculum includes an interactive and youth-friendly web site.

Phone: (662) 325-3151


Sam Berry


Tools to Support Burn Tourism

Sam Berry is a Technical Specialist for Forestry Suppliers, Inc. located in Jackson, Mississippi. A direct-mail supplier for natural resource professionals worldwide since 1949, Forestry Suppliers' catalog features thousands of products for the forestry, environmental science, surveying/engineering, horticulture, field gear, and protective apparel & first aid equipment. In case you're thinking about starting your own "burn tourism" business like Jan Jantzen or just looking to conduct a burn for management purposes, Berry is going to suggest some products from Forestry Suppliers' catalog that will help you do the "job" right and safely!

Recommended products:

Phone: 1-800-430-5566x716


Michelle Isenberg


Herbicide Use Equals Higher Financial Returns

Michelle Isenberg is a Forestry Products Specialist and Associate Wildlife Biologist with BASF in Dadeville, Alabama. She has over ten years of experience working with the forestry industry to help landowners gain more knowledge and information about herbicides to improve results of  timber and wildlife management. As leader of last month's AFOA Annual Meeting's private forestry tour, she offered some suggestions which many felt relevant to use on their own land. She is here to reiterate those talking points from her tour such as timing, difference in herbicide treatments, and the financial returns of using herbicides compared to conventional site preparation.

Phone: (256) 825-0512


Dr. Jack Lutz


"Heretical" Forest Economist Busts an Investment Doctrine

Jack Lutz is a forest economist and editor for the Forest Research Group in Alton, Maine. He provides timberland investment consulting and is an expert in forest economics. His article, The Anti-Correlation Heresy, challenges the orthodoxy which holds to the belief that there is a negative correlation between most asset classes (such as stocks and bonds) and timberland. He argues that, "...timberland is neither positively nor negatively correlated with most other assets—it is simply not correlated at all." In addition, "Timberland and stocks both move in response to economic conditions." Of course, a diversified portfolio that includes stocks, bonds, and timberland is still a good idea.

The Anti-Correlation Heresy - a summary

  • Correlation coefficients are widely used in investment analysis.
  • Sometimes the correlation coefficient is misinterpreted.
  • Timberland is not negatively correlated with stocks (or most other asset classes).
  • But timberland is not positively correlated with stocks, either.
  • Timberland is simply not correlated with stocks.
  • If you need an asset class that is always negatively correlated with stocks, timberland is not it.
  • If you need an asset class that is not correlated with stocks, timberland may be it.

Phone: (207) 827-1019