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November  2003 News Conference for Forest Owners
Sponsored by Alabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc.
Conference was recorded Thursday, November 20, 2003.

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This conference and all future conferences will be in the .mp3 format, which is compatible with Windows Media Player and most other media devices.


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Hayes D. Brown

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Hayes D. Brown, attorney and forest owner,  will moderate this news conference. Hayes' email address is

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Geoffrey P. Ellison


Planting Pine Trees: Still a Good Idea.

Geoff Ellison is President of Drennen Forestry Services, Inc., based in Cullman, Alabama. Geoff is excited about investing in forestry by planting trees. He points out that even with recent low pine pulpwood prices, planting old fields can be a good investment.

For further study, Geoff recommends that we check out the following web links:

phone: (256) 739-8344


Robert L. Izlar


If You Grow It, They Will Come.

Bob Izlar is Director of the University of Georgia Center for Forest Business. He has been at UGA for six years and has 28 years of industrial forestry experience throughout the South and internationally. He is a Registered Forester in Georgia, a Fellow of the Society of American Foresters and a tree farmer.

We asked Bob to help us make good investment decisions by telling us which wood products will be sought after in the future -- and which ones won't. Will there be a demand for pulpwood, sawtimber, poles, pilings, veneer logs...? The inevitable "chicken or egg" question comes up.

phone: (706) 542-6819


Jeff Caubble


Improve Wildlife Habitat with BIG Oak Seedlings

Jeff Caubble has found a way to increase the number of oak trees in bottomland areas (oak trees produce acorns and ducks, deer and turkey like acorns) and he wants you to know how he does it. Jeff is manager of Five Oaks Nursery in DeWitt, Arkansas and he also manages 8,000 acres of bottomland hardwoods and green tree reservoirs. He has found that planting BIG oak seedlings at the rate of 40 to 50 per acre, he can make important improvements in the "mast" producing capacity of the future forest.

Click here to look at pictures of Jeff's seedlings and the root mass in the planting container.

phone: (870) 830-5039


David Runyan


Early Quail Release a Success

David Runyan is a wildlife biologist who specializes in Bobwhite Quail. David has developed a successful quail restoration program that will be copied by many landowners and wildlife managers. The secret seems to lie in releasing the young birds before they lose their survival instincts in captivity. Click here to read a Birmingham News article about David's successful work.

Recommended Links:

Team Quail  (dozens of useful quail management web links)
Quail Unlimited Website

phone: (334) 725-6488


Chris Erwin


Christmas Gift for Your Car or Truck

Chris Erwin is Education Coordinator for the Alabama Forestry Association. A large part of his work includes coordination of the Alabama Forests Forever Campaign which is funded by Alabama's Forestry License Tags. Tag sales net several hundred thousand dollars each year and Chris coordinates the distribution of that money to a variety of forestry education grants, forestry education materials for teachers, and the Forests Forever Campaign.

Chris points out that the $50 purchase price of the tag includes the right to "personalize" your tag with your name or some other significant word -- Timber, Forestry, Trees, Turkey, etc. To see if your favorite "word" has been taken, click here to open the Personalized Tag Search web page.

If you want to develop or produce an educational activity or event and use the tag money to fund the expenses, Chris will be accepting grant applications next year and he will announce the dates in AFOA's Calendar of Events in the newsletter and on the web.

phone: (334) 265-8733


Frank Stewart


Taxes, Tariffs and Tree Planting

Frank Stewart is the Executive Director of the Forest Landowners Tax Council, based in Washington, DC. An article Frank wrote in FLTC's recent newsletter caught our attention and we thought you'd be interested, too. Evidently, in order to head off trade sanctions from Europe, the U.S. will have to pass legislation next March that may include some pleasant results for you when you plant trees -- expensing the first $10,000 of planting costs... Read Frank's article and then contact your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators and urge them to vote for and pass the JOBS Bill (HR-2896 & S-1637) with the forestry provisions intact.

The problem, Frank says, is that the passive loss rules currently make it impossible for most forest owners to take advantage of the proposed expensing rules. The Passive Loss Rules have to be changed and Frank strongly suggests that you contact your U.S. Representative and convince him to co-sponsor the Timber Tax Fairness Act of 2003 (HR-3346) that was introduced by Rep. Wally Herger (R-CA) in October.

phone: (703) 549-0747


Dr. Robert A. Tufts


Timber Trespass: Prevention & Recovery

Robert Tufts is Associate Professor in the School of Forestry & Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University specializing in Forest Engineering and Forest Harvesting. Today he discusses timber trespass, including criminal penalties and recovering damages. A PowerPoint slide set prepared by Dr. Tufts will help you understand the issue and, perhaps, help you prevent the problem.

Timber Trespass and many other topics will be covered during a December 2, 2003 workshop in Auburn entitled Forestry Law. Workshop instructors include the Adams and Reese/Lang Simpson Forestry Law Team. Click here for workshop details including registration information.

phone: (334) 844-1011


Sarah Crim


Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

Sarah Crim is the Director of Student Services for the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University. Since many forest owners have children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews who are considering, at this time of year, changing their college curriculum or picking a potential lifetime career, we thought Mrs. Crim might be able to help you help your student make a good decision. She spends her days assisting aspiring foresters and wildlife biologists with academic choices and job searches. And she would really like the sons and daughters of forest owners to attend Auburn University's School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences.

Professional organizations:

phone: (334) 844-1050


Issues and Topics AFOA is following.

To suggest an issue or a topic for a future news conference, please send an email note to AFOA by clicking here.

  • National or Federal Issues
  • EPA Proposed Water Quality Trading
  • Energy Bill
  • CCA Treated Southern Pine Lumber
  • TMDLs
  • EPA Basin Projects
  • CARA
  • Forest Certification
  • 2002 Farm Bill
  • Energy Crisis & Federal Eminent Domain
  • Red Hills Salamander
  • State or Local Issues
  • Constitutional Revision/Tax Reform
  • County Zoning
  • Right to Farm & Practice Forestry
  • Illegal Dumping
  • Delaney Family Current-Use Case
  • JeffCo Storm Water Management Program
  • Current Use Tax Assessment Rates
  • Local Harvesting Restrictions & Road Weight Limits
  • Bridge Repairs & the Alabama Trust Fund
  • Dog Hunting & Hunter Trespass
  • Forest Management Issues
  • Seasonal Forest and Wildlife Management Tips
  • Southern Pine Beetle: Salvage & Prevention
  • Forest Fertilization
  • Intensive Forest Management
  • Long Rotation Management & Natural Regeneration
  • Technology
  • Palm Pilots & Forest Records
  • Useful Computer Software
  • Markets
  • Industry Consolidation & Timber Markets
  • Stumpage & Forest Product Markets
  • Forestland For Sale
  • Wood Buying Policies During SPB Epidemic
  • Alabama's Pine Straw Wholesale Market
  • Minerals, Gas & Oil Activity
  • Recreational Businesses for Forest Owners
  • Forest Taxation