Comments on February 14, 2023 Tuscaloosa County Property Tax Referendum
from Tuscaloosa County Farmers Federation (2/10/23)


If this tax passes, all property, homes, rental apartments, car tags, etc. will all go up.
How is our board helping? The Tuscaloosa County Farmers Federation has 16 Board Members and an Area Organization Director. There will be 38 polling locations in the county. ALFA and our County Board have made 500 18" X 24" Vote NO! signs, 40 larger signs (approximately 4' X 5') as well as several hundred 5 / X 4 information cards dispersed throughout the county. Board members have placed all Vote NO signs throughout the county. Each Board Member is assigned certain voting locations to place additional signs at each voting location on February 14. Today, (February 10) 11,000 text messages stating the voting facts will be sent to all republican voters. We also have a digital billboard in Tuscaloosa stating our cause.