Timber Market Update

Forest Management Specialists, Florence, Alabama
May 2, 2022

The market for standing timber remains strong for most products. Below is a summary of current markets by product:

Pine chip-n-saw. Prices are really strong in northwest Alabama and northeast Mississippi. Counties in north central Mississippi continue to see lower prices for this product but with new mills opening in both Winona, MS and Corinth, MS, the outlook is positive.

White oak. White oaks used for veneer, staves, and grade lumber remain in high demand. One buyer recently posted that he is now paying the most that he has ever paid for white oak logs.

Tie-logs. Demand for tie-logs remains strong at the time of this update. High prices are reported for all of the counties and states where we operate.

Red oak. The prices paid for red oak are slightly lower than our last report. However, we are still able to move this product at a good price in all of our operational areas.

All other hardwood sawtimber. Prices for the remaining hardwood sawtimber products remain high.

Hardwood pulpwood. Prices remain strong in northwest Alabama, northeast Mississippi, middle Tennessee but are lower in northeast Alabama since the closure of the mill at Calhoun, TN.

Pine pulpwood. Prices paid for standing pine pulpwood are at about the same level as our last update. However, some of our northwest Alabama clients have received blended prices for their pine pulpwood and pine chip-n-saw products if they will clearcut. This may be a viable option for those stands of pine that are in their mid-20s but which have never been thinned.

The future prices paid for standing timber is difficult to predict. Some experts feel that with all of the mill expansions and new mill announcements, that the price paid for pine chip-n-saw will remain strong for some time. However, others point to the fact that rising interest rates will dampen new housing starts which will in turn, adversely impact prices paid for this product.