Wilcox County, Alabama, Property Tax Increase
A Plan to Halt Proposal

January 13, 2022

Dear Wilcox County Landowner,

We assume that you are unaware that the Wilcox County Commission has proposed a bill to increase your Ad Valorem tax rate by 20 Mils, which would result in up to a 55% increase in your property taxes! This proposal would make Wilcox County property taxes significantly higher than any other county in the state of Alabama.

This bill proposes a 100% increase in Millage to the Board of Education. The Wilcox County Schools in FYE2020 spent PPE (Per Pupil Expenditure) of $12,880 per student. We were the 3rd highest in the state out of the 138 school systems. The statewide average PPE is $10,100.

The Wilcox County general fund receives 14 Mils currently and would increase to 19 Mils as a result of this bill. We already have the highest general fund rate of any county in the state of 14 Mils.

We believe strongly that the Wilcox County Commission and the Wilcox Board of Education should strive to manage their existing funds more wisely and efficiently before requesting more monies from the taxpayers.

If this bill were to be authorized by the state house and senate, then the decision would be made by Wilcox County voters in the next election. If you are not registered to vote in Wilcox County, then your only opportunity to voice your opposition is now. This bill will be presented to the House of Representatives as early as January 11, 2022.

Please contact your local state legislator and ask them to vote NO for this huge tax increase.
Contact info available at


**We believe that this bill is going to be submitted at the last moment and currently does not have a bill number to reference for your legislator. Please reference "Wilcox County Ad Valorem Tax Increase".**



Concerned Citizens of Wilcox County

The above letter was forwared to AFOA by a Wilcox County forest landowner on 1/13/22.