F&W Market Update

Following is the monthly update on markets, news and other developments that impact forest landowners in F&W’s operating regions. The information in this report is based on an April 23-26 survey of managers. We hope you continue to find these updates useful and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

U.S. Southeast
Managers in the Southeast report overall timber markets as mostly normal to above normal, while sales activity and prices remain a bit more varied. There are also several reports from across the region of temporary mill shutdowns for maintenance. In Georgia, managers report above normal markets for this time of year with average to increasing prices. In the Southwestern part of the state, the manager reports that prices increased significantly in February and have remained up while the manager in Southeast Georgia said pricing is good and stable but that he’s starting to see some slight downward pressure on prices because of mill maintenance and warm temperatures. In Central Georgia demand is good and prices are stable but flat. The Florida manager said small and large sawtimber sales are moving okay but noted many sawmills no longer take pine sawlogs that are more than 18 inches at the butt. "Landowners who have held their timber waiting on pricing in some cases now have oversized wood for the market," he said.

In Alabama, the manager said he has seen an increase in sawtimber stumpage prices but warns that landowners in the LaFayette area could feel the impact of the fire that devastated the East Alabama Lumber Company mill on April 22. While the future of the mill is uncertain, he noted that it was known for setting the tone for sawtimber pricing when actively participating in the market. The South Carolina manager said, “Seasonal quota issues are being seen with pine sawtimber, plylogs and chip-n-saw” in his state while the Virginia manager said pulpwood prices are dropping as spring advances. In Tennessee, the manager reports that markets are good for hardwood sawtimber.

U.S. West Gulf
Managers in the West Gulf report that markets are normal to slightly above normal, with sales activity and prices as average to picking up. The manager in Mississippi reports that mills are on quotas, with pine and hardwood pulpwood steady, and that oak lumber prices are increasing. The manager in Texas also reports that mills are on quota, adding that a dry winter has resulted in mills being full of inventory earlier than normal, which could result in lower prices and quota in the months ahead. In Arkansas, the manager reports that the demand for pine sawtimber is still high due to the increased lumber demand.

U.S. Northeast
Northeastern managers report normal timber sales activity and overall markets for this time of year, with prices average to increasing. The manager in Midstate New York says prices are good on everything but pulpwood. In Upstate New York, the manager says, "We are in the midst of the spring mud season, although if the dry weather pattern continues it will be a short time off. The ground is amazingly dry for this time of year and we expect harvesting to start up in early May, three to four weeks earlier than typical. Hardwood sawlog prices are good and sugar maple is the species in most demand. We expect prices to continue to increase into summer. Pulpwood markets will likely be slow again this summer with loggers on some form of quota. This may be offset by firewood markets."

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