FROM THE EVP: Update on Proposed AFC Regulations

Over the last several weeks, we have been sharing with the Alabama Forestry Commission our concerns over some of the regulations they have proposed dealing with timber trespass, timber theft and recordkeeping requirements. Last Friday, State Forester Linda Casey agreed to withdraw the 5 regulations we were concerned about and meet with AFA’s Security Committee to address our concerns. (Click here for a copy of the proposed regulations)
Our attorney has reviewed the regulations and a big concern is what he sees as significant constitutional problems with the proposals. (Click here our attorney's assessment of the regulations) As a result, we have communicated our support for what the Commission is attempting to accomplish, but our strong opposition to how they are trying to accomplish it. While I and the rest of the honest folks in our business would love to see the “bad actors” caught and punished, we cannot support regulations (or legislation) that could expose the vast majority of honest loggers and wood suppliers to criminal penalties and unnecessary burdens.
We have agreed to convene our Security Committee to examine the problems AFC has identified and work with them to find solutions that everyone can agree on. The first meeting will occur within the coming weeks. If you have any interest in participating in these discussions, please let Rick Oates ( or Mardie Pfeiffer ( know.  If you have any questions, please give me a call.  We’ll keep you informed.

AS ALWAYS… Thanks for Your Support!

  Source: AFA Newsroom, Volume 4 No. 20 -- October 15, 2009