Seasons Greetings
from Auburn University Professor David South

I have a few holiday presents for my friends.

An 1875 UK publication on "Timber and timber trees, native and foreign";idno=2848881

An 1882 publication "The elements of forestry....";idno=3160597

An 1883 publication "The Nurseryman's directory; a reference book of
nurserymen, florists, seedsmen, tree dealers, etc., for the United States.";idno=3055329

A 1900 publication "Forest and Water";idno=2911012

A 1902 publication "First book of forestry."
by Filibert Roth;idno=2858471

A 1902 publication "Practical Forestry";idno=2731349

A 1916 publication "Seedling and Planting";idno=2731710

A 1939 publication about "American Southern Pine."
by W. LeRoy Neubrech
Size about 6.3 Mb...

A 1941 filmstrip about "Chestnut Blight."
Use the left mouse button to advance slides.

A 1942 filmstrip about "The Farm and the Farm Woods."

A filmstrip about "Farm Forestry in the South."
Use the left mouse button to advance slides.

A Primer of Forestry by Gifford Pinchot: Part I -- The Forest - 1903

Part II -- Practical Forestry - 1905

Forest Resources of the United States, 2002

I hope you enjoy these gifts....

David South
School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Auburn University, AL 36849-5418