Letter to the Editor of Newspapers in Jefferson County, Alabama. 11/23/05


As we all prepare to pay our Real Estate taxes for 2005, we groan that property values have increased and so have our taxes.

Have you noticed the Storm Water Fee included on your tax notice? It's called a FEE, but we must pay it, just as if it were a tax. Fees are collected by the Tax Collector's office (no payment of tax without the fee is accepted, and delinquent charges will be attached) and the money is managed by the Jefferson County Finance Dept. The City Councils of the 26 municipalities in Jefferson County, as well as the unincorporated area of the county, levy this charge, and the Storm Water Management Authority has begun lobbying the city governments to increase the fees of $5 per parcel to $12 next year; fees of $15 would increase to $36.

Every year, represented authorities must hold public hearings, city council/county commission meetings, to review and approve any modifications to the Storm Water Fees. PLEASE CONTACT your city and county officials and ask them to veto the assignment of these exorbitant, arbitrary proposed increases. Ask for a response on how they plan to vote, THEN, YOU will know how to vote during the next election.

Ben F. Black
1725 Rockhampton Circle
Birmingham, AL 35226
(205) 822-0245

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