Alabama Consulting Forester Directory

A Service of the Alabama Forest Owners' Association supported by a grant from the Bradley/Murphy Forestry & Natural Resources Extension Trust



Welcome to the Alabama Forest Owners' Association Consulting Forester Directory, your source for finding a consulting forester who can help you with your forestry needs. Connecting forest owners and forestry consultants is important to the Association and the Bradley/Murphy Trust. We believe this is the secret to wise forest management and that the benefits of these connections have been proven by many.

Why You Need a Consulting Forester

In the past, it has been a good investment just to own timberland. But now land prices are more expensive and good management has become the key to profitability. A forestry consultant is a full-time, independent forester whose services are available to the public and who does not work for a timber buying business.

A consulting forester can help establish property lines, assure that tax assessment and deed records agree, set up basic records, set goals, help you understand your land and timber conditions, list the things that should be done, evaluate alternatives, select, schedule and carry out work, and keep records of income, expense and volume.



What Is a Consulting Forester?

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