Publications: Landowner Liability

"Landowner Liability for Criminal Acts of Third Parties"
(Fambrough) No. 1233, $2.50. Letter of the Law reprint, 4 pp. (1998). Free download.

Commercial property owners must meet the public and legal expectations to avoid liability.

"Statutory Limitations for Equine Activities"
(Fambrough) No. 1158, $2.50. Tierra Grande reprint, 2 pp. (1997). Free download.

Texas law shields owners and animals with stringent limited liability.

"Liability for Domestic Animals"
(Fambrough) No. 1042, $2.50. Letter of the Law reprint, 2 pp. (1994). Free download.

Court rulings have increased the liability of landowners even for animals they do not own. The every-dog-has-a-free-bite presumption is no longer valid.

"Landowner Liability for Hunters"
(Fambrough) No. 893, $2.50. Tierra Grande reprint, 3 pp. (1996). Free download.

Current law specifies the landowner's liability based on the amount charged to the hunter for entry. The landowner's responsibilities and alternatives for limiting liability are described.

The Texas Deer Lease
(Fambrough) No. 570, $4. Technical report, 17 pp. (1998).

Declines in revenues from agriculture and petroleum give added importance to income generated by lease hunting. This easy-to-read report offers hunters and landowners suggestions for avoiding misunderstandings common in lease agreements.

"Liabilities for Injuries: Landowners, Children, and Perilous Conditions"
(Fambrough) No. 475, $2.50. Tierra Grande reprint, 4 pp. (1997). Free download.

Landowners have legal responsibilities to children who may be injured while on their property. The degree of liability depends on the legal status of the child at the time of injury.

The publications available as Free downloads are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.