The Alabama Sportsman's and Landowner's Council, Inc.

The Alabama Sportsman's and Landowner's Council, Inc. was organized in 1996 when citizens across Alabama recognized the need for a statewide organization to work together as a cohesive unit. Our best advertisement has been word of mouth. Our membership is now represented in 65 of 67 counties of Alabama.

ASLC's goal is to promote hunting as a recreational sport while encouraging ethical hunting, sound game management practices, protection of landowner's rights, promote hunter safety, and above all -- respect the rights of everyone who enjoys Alabama's great environment.

ASLC is incorporated as a non-profit organization to promote conservation, preservation, management, habitat development, and other activities related to the various species of birds, animals, and other wildlife species. We promote wildlife habitat development and management, and other meaningful programs for the conservation, enhancement, and propagation of wild animals and birds. ASLC promotes the best conservation interest of landowner/hunter relationships, and good sportsmanship.


Reprinted with permission of the Alabama Sportsman's and Landowner's Council, Inc., 4/24/02.