The Dog Hunters Ten Commandments

  1. Thou shall always get written permission to hunt from all landowners concerned.
  2. Thou shall avoid displaying kill on vehicle or dog box.
  3. Thou shall never get into a public confrontation concerning the sport of hunting with dogs.
  4. Thou shall recognize the rights of other legal hunters and their legal hunting methods.
  5. Thou shall never cast a dog on or near any land where I don't have written permission.
  6. Thou shall not hunt from public roads or vehicles, nor hold party grouping on public road right of ways.
  7. Thou shall repair and replace any damaged fences or personal property damaged by my dogs or hunting party members.
  8. Thou shall think safety at all times.
  9. Thou shall confront all hunting party members about improper or illegal hunting techniques and educate them to ethical, safe, and legal hunting procedures.
  10. Thou shall report all illegal hunting activities to the proper authorities.