Facts about ForestPAC

What is ForestPAC?

ForestPAC is the official political action committee of the Alabama Forestry Association. It serves as the political arm of the Association by providing companies and individuals concerned with forestry’s future a means for involvement and influence in Alabama politics.


ForestPAC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of AFA members throughout Alabama. The Board oversees the operations of ForestPAC, makes endorsements and determines the amount of financial support given endorsed candidates.

In addition, ForestPAC has ten district advisory committees chaired by a member of the Board of Directors and comprised of local AFA members who are charged with raising funds for ForestPAC and making recommendations to the Board of Directors on which candidates to support from their area. These local members are chosen to serve on the PAC Board because of a dedication proven through fundraising and their own personal contributions.

Criteria for Candidate Support

ForestPAC is strictly non-partisan and supports candidates based on their pro-forestry and pro-business philosophy and record. Our mission is to elect candidates for legislative, local and statewide offices who demonstrate a commitment to conservative principles and support of forestry issues. No contributions are made to candidates for Federal offices.

The ForestPAC Board of Directors uses the following criteria to determine which candidates to support:

  • Candidates who exhibit a pro-business, free enterprise philosophy.
  • Candidates who support the positions of the Alabama Forestry Association and other issues of concern to the forestry community.
  • Candidates with a voting record that is supportive of AFA issues and issues of concern to the Alabama business community.
  • Candidates who demonstrate the ability to wage a successful campaign for office and who are politically viable.
  • Candidates that receive the recommendation of the ForestPAC district advisory committee in their local area.

Administrative Expenses

All administrative costs associated with the operation and conduct of ForestPAC are paid by the Alabama Forestry Association, as provided for by Alabama law. This means that contributions from AFA members go directly to candidates.

Who May Contribute?

ForestPAC may solicit and accept voluntary contributions from members of the Alabama Forestry Association and their employees. Contributions from non-member companies and individuals may not be solicited, but voluntary contributions from these may be accepted.

Contribution Limits and Methods

Under Alabama law, corporations can contribute up to $500 per election to a candidate or political action committee. In a cycle involving three elections (primary, run-off and general), this adds up to $1500.

Often, the number of elections varies each year, so the amount that a corporation can contribute varies accordingly. If you are unclear about the limits in any given year, check with your attorney or contact the AFA staff for clarification.