Who is ForestExpress Timber

ForestExpresssm is the transaction and processing network for the entire forest products industry. We enable Timber customers to better manage their supply channels and create more opportunities, regardless of market conditions.

Today, the ForestExpress Timber online Trading Center hosts transactions for stumpage, saw logs, pulpwood, chips and residual biomass, using real-time auctions and fixed price offerings. Additional trading features will provide even more flexibility once launched. 

Coming soon, transaction-processing capabilities that include scale ticket and wood settlement system integration, will lead Timber customers to a new level of process efficiency through reduced manual key punching and reconciliation activities. Improved business intelligence capabilities will include customer-specific price and volume charts as well as bid analysis charts to help customers better monitor, understand and manage activities. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and imagery tools will soon be woven into Timber's services in order to make interaction with the site a more visual and intuitive experience. 

From forest to factory, ForestExpress Timber offers a full range of services to suit the trading needs of small and large companies alike. Wood buyers realize reduced net costs, and sellers receive better prices as a result of increased market reach combined with hauling rationalization. All customers are making better decisions due to access to more accurate information and are spending more time on critical activities and less time on administrative tasks. 

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